Aberdeen Tree Surgeon Blog

Tree Surgeons vs Arborists: What Is the Difference?

30/06/21 12:12 PM Aberdeen

What is the difference between a tree surgeon and an arborist? Read more to understand if and what is the difference between the both so you can choose the right person for the tree care and maintenance job at your place.

Do’s and Don’ts of Hedge Removal

30/06/21 12:11 PM Aberdeen

Keep your hedges looking neat without provoking the wrath of your neighbours. There are rules to consider before breaking out the trimmer. Read our guide for all the hedge removal and hedge trimming rules you should be following.

6 Steps to Successful Tree Felling

30/06/21 12:05 PM Aberdeen

When felling trees, proper working skills are critical. Not just to ensure a safe working environment, but also to increase productivity and for your own safety. Keep reading to find the best way to fell trees.

Five Reasons Why to Remove a Rotting Tree Stump

30/06/21 11:54 AM Aberdeen

A rotting tree stump left in the ground soon takes on a life of its own and can create a list of serious problems at ground level you didn’t bargain for. Keep reading to find out five reasons for removing a rotten tree stump.