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Arborist-Direct Aberdeen is the local tree surgeon team providing professional tree care services throughout Aberdeenshire. It is an established local Aberdeen tree surgeon and arborist business run by partners Clive Coney and Elaine Rush who are both expert tree surgeons and arborists.

The business is run from their farm and small saw mill with most machinery owned on site meaning prices can be kept competitive as there is no need to hire in machinery. Elaine, Clive and their team were accepted as the Aberdeenshire Provider for Arborist Direct in 2018 because of their great client reviews and obvious professionalism and expertise that exceeds most local competition. Operating as a business Clive has been a forestry and tree care specialist for 15 years.

Arborist Direct – The Best Local Tree Surgeons For You

The Arborist Direct Aberdeen Team:

  • An established local business of expert arborists and tree surgeons
  • Have a great track record of happy clients and brilliant customer reviews
  • Offer free onsite advice and quotations
  • Hold all required certifications, qualifications and insurance
  • Have key staff trained in Arboriculture and tree health care, not just chain saw use
  • Cover residential and commercial clients throughout Aberdeenshire
  • Offer competitive local pricing
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Aberdeen Tree Surgeon & Arborist Services Provided:

With Proffesional Arborists, Experienced Tree Surgeons and Certified Technicians.

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Trees and Arboriculture in Aberdeen

Trees are a real wonder; they are vital to our Aberdeenshire life. If managed well, trees can bring us beauty, provide us with protection and be a vital resource to both humans and to our natural wild-life.

Aberdeen’s local trees bring beauty to our countryside and to our gardens; they bring colour and shape, shade and protection. Trees enhance our views, reflecting the seasons adding value to our properties and enjoyment to our lives.

To obtain the best from our trees they must be managed well throughout their lives; this may be 10, 20, 50 or even 100 years. Well managed trees can give us joy all through our lives and provide a treasured resource for generations to come.

If you are looking for competent and experienced Tree Surgeons in the Aberdeen area, look no further; Arborist-Direct can provide qualified tree care specialists, arborists and Aberdeen tree surgeons for all your Aberdeenshire tree management and maintenance service needs: Planned tree care, routine tree maintenance, and emergency intervention work are all part of the specialist tree work regularly carried out by our qualified tree surgeons together with their teams of experienced engineers and service workers.

These services are outlined below and explained in more detail on each of our services pages:

Home made
Felling Trees
Prices and Cost Estimates

Arborist-Direct Aberdeen provides a free cost estimate for each specific job, once the scope of work has been agreed with the client. All cost estimates will be clearly explained by either our professional Arborists or an Aberdeen Tree Surgeon on our team. Written cost estimates are usually provided for all significant work projects; occasionally an estimate may be delayed if environmental or local authority planning permission is needed to confirm a work program on trees subject to Tree Preservation Orders. General prices cannot be provided without our specialist undertaking a site survey; this is because all trees and access routes are different – consequently manning levels and equipment requirements will also need to be individually scoped before a reasonable price estimate can be arrived at.

Specialists in Aberdeen’s Environment.

Aberdeenshire may be cooler and have a shorter tree growing season than further south, but the fertile soils of the well-watered country side and the long summer days are well suited to tree growing and provide a constant need for tree care specialists like Arborist-Direct Aberdeen.

Whether the trees are in open farmlands, sheltered valleys or your garden Arborist -Direct Aberdeen tree surgeons can manage your concerns: Fir and Spruce, Beech and Birch, Oak and Chestnut, Lime and Ash are all beautiful trees, but if not managed correctly by experienced professionals they can deliver problems and many challenges for their owners. Many areas of Aberdeenshire are exposed and storm damage is a frequent problem overcome by the utilisation of the skills and expertise of Arborist- Direct Aberdeen. Environmental and Legal Problems can be avoided by the timely use of our qualified specialists.

Tree Removal

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Those trees deserve proper care!

Arborist-Direct Aberdeen Tree Surgeon Specialists

Our teams include:-

Professional Arborists– Qualified and knowledgeable, able to advise on tree planting, care and maintenance, environmental interfaces and life-cycle concerns; Interaction with Planning and Environmental Authorities are an integral part of the work.

Experienced Aberdeenshire Tree Surgeons, familiar with tree maintenance service work, pruning, crown thinning & lowering, lopping, felling, tree removal and stump removal projects. A majority of such tree work is planned and routine, but emergency intervention works are also handled as parts of the specialist tree surgeon’s responsibilities. Handling the regulatory side of Tree Preservation Orders is an integral part of this work, as are conducting risk assessments and executing subsequent risk management plans.

Certified Technicians are the trained and experienced work-force undertaking specialist work including – rope-access work, chain-saw usage, utilisation of pulley systems for lowering tree limbs in confined spaces, operating lifts and hoists for access, plus utilising tree stump grinders for stump removal and chippers for shredding and disposal of smaller branches and foliage. Safety considerations are their paramount concern.

Aberdeen Tree Surgeon and Tree Care Services Provided:

Tree Pruning and Tree Surgery

Tree Pruning and Tree Surgery, where trees and their canopies are managed to deliver safe, good looking additions to our gardens and estates. Shaping, reduction of wind loading, increased access to light, care and maintenance are regular tasks.

Tree Felling and Removal

Tree Felling and Removalwhere over-sized, diseased, and dangerous trees are cut down in a safe and controlled manner.

Stump Removal

Stump Removal, where unsightly, inconvenient and potentially dangerous tree stumps are removed with least negative interactions.

Storm Damage and Emergency Tree Care

Storm Damage and Emergency Tree Care, are essential where wind, snow, rain and land-slides have caused damage to trees and dangerous situations to develop. Trees and adjacent properties need to be safeguarded from additional costly repercussions. An Aberdeen tree surgeon or arborist is here to help.

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Hedge Maintenance

Hedge Maintenancea routine but vital task if hedges are to maintain their looks, provide the desired service and not become unsightly liabilities

Tree Planting

Tree Plantingneeds specialist care and attention; whether the trees be single bespoke specimens designed to enhance landscaping or multiple cultivations to provide lasting physical advantage in difficult situations.

Environmental and Wildlife Services

Environmental and Wildlife Services, Trees can be the natural homes of our local wildlife. Care must be taken to understand the potential for damaging or improving the habitats our trees and professional tree care can provide.

Commercial Arborist Services

Commercial Arborist Serviceswhere advice and assistance is provided to landowners and farmers who plant trees for commercial gain to their ongoing enterprises.

Broad Range of Tree Care Clients

Arborist-Direct Aberdeen is valued across the tree care spectrum; from private householders with large or small garden challenges, businesses and companies with premises and grounds which need to remain attractive to promote their services as well as to be safe and functional for their staff and visitors. Also included as clients are commercial enterprises where arboriculture and tree growing are integral parts of their business. This broad spectrum of clients is found within Aberdeen City, throughout the adjoining urban locations and the surrounding towns and villages throughout Aberdeenshire.  Our specialist teams undertake tree care work across an area from Fraserburgh and Peterhead in the north, Braemar to the west, Laurencekirk and Stonehaven to the south. Along the Dee valley, from Cults, Bieldside & Milltimber, Peterculter, Drumoak Banchory and Aboyne, you are a call away from a professional friendly face of an Aberdeen Tree Surgeon or Arborist.

Benefits Delivered

Trees are a lifetime resource, correctly managed they can bring beauty and endless enjoyment to our lives and those of our families and friends, even to our pets, livestock and natural wild-life.

Well-managed trees are also a resource which can add significant value to our homes and properties: Poorly managed trees can result in unsightly liabilities, detracting from the value of our properties and making them harder to sell: These are among the many benefits delivered when arboricultural challenges are successfully tackled and managed by the Arborist-Direct Aberdeen tree surgeon and arborist work force.

Healthy family, healthy trees
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Tree Removal
Tree Preservation Orders

A Tree Preservation Order is an order made by a local planning authority in England/ Scotland to protect specific trees, groups of trees or woodlands in the interests of amenity. An Order prohibits the:

  • cutting down
  • topping
  • lopping
  • uprooting
  • wilful damage
  • wilful destruction

of trees without the local planning authority’s written consent. If consent is given, it can be subject to conditions which have to be followed. In the Secretary of State’s view, cutting roots is also a prohibited activity and requires the authority’s consent.

A local Aberdeen tree surgeon or arborist from Arborist Direct Aberdeen will be happy to advise you.

What are a tree owner’s responsibilities?

Owners of protected trees must not carry out, or cause or permit the carrying out of, any of the prohibited activities without the written consent of the local authority. As with owners of unprotected trees, they are responsible for maintaining their trees, with no statutory rules setting out how often or to what standard. The local planning authority cannot require maintenance work to be done to a tree just because it is protected. However, the authority can encourage good tree management, particularly when determining applications for consent under a Tree Preservation Order. This will help to maintain and enhance the amenity provided by protected trees.

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