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In Aberdeen Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming are routine tree maintenance tasks for Arborist-Direct Aberdeen. Like anywhere else, in Aberdeen tree pruning can take many forms including, topping, lopping and trimming, all entailing removal of tree branches of varying sizes. Some of this work can be conducted from ground level but most of it is carried out at much higher levels in the canopy of the tree branches: Consequently, even though the work is routine it needs to be carried out by skilled and experienced arborists & tree surgeons with the appropriate equipment. This will help keep you trees healthy and the site safe.

Considerations Prior to Pruning

Arborists & Tree Surgeons need to consider many aspects of work execution and discuss these with the client prior to agreeing the work scope, duration and cost.

  • Why are the trees needing to be pruned?
  • What is the client’s desired outcome?
  • Are there any Tree Preservation Orders on any of the trees to be pruned/ trimmed? Does work need Environmental Planning permission.
  • Are there any cattle or wildlife considerations?
  • Is access a problem? Do neighbours need to be considered/ consulted?
  • How large a workforce is needed? What skills are required?
  • What equipment is needed to ensure safe execution?

Arborist-Direct Aberdeen Tree Surgeons are experienced and trained to competently address all these considerations and explain the required actions to the client and the probable cost impact.

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Aberdeen Tree Pruning Methods

Terminology can vary across the various activities of British Arborists and Tree Surgeons: However, Arborist Direct Aberdeen tree pruning activities cover the following:

Crown/ Canopy Thinning this most important type of pruning is strongly recommended by Arborist-Direct Aberdeen. Such regular routine pruning does not generally alter the overall shape of or size of a tree. It involves evenly pruning smaller branches towards the outer edges of the canopy. Possibly removing up to 30% of the overall canopy/ crown. This can also include –

Crown Cleaning/ Dead-wooding. Such tree pruning involves the removal of dead, dying or diseased branches from the canopy. Removal of ivy can improve the health and life of older trees.

Crown Lifting/ Raisingis the pruning of the lower-most branches of a tree to allow more clearance under the overall canopy resulting in an apparent lifting of the crown. Care must be taken not-to over-prune in this fashion so as not to over stress the tree. Significant care must be taken with large lower branches; ideally potentially problematic lower branches should be pruned while they are still young and such branches smaller.

Crown Reduction is the overall reduction in height and spread of the tree crown. The overall framework of the crown should be maintained together with much of the leaf bearing capability of the tree crown, enabling the tree to continue healthy growth. Excessive crown reduction is generally called ‘Topping’ (see below) and should where possible be avoided.

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Pollarding is a significantly hard variety of tree pruning where regularly repeated pruning back to the same points on older branches maintains a tree in roughly the same overall canopy size. Although the young growth/branches provide good uniform leaf cover in summer the bare winter condition is rather stark and ugly. Such pruning and trimming is routinely seen on London Plain Trees in built up areas of towns where larger tree growth cannot be permitted or tolerated. In historic-times the repeated removal of young growth may have been to provide a regular supply of uniform building materials

Tree Topping. Where trees have been allowed to grow with insufficient earlier pruning they become too tall, causing significant light restriction and excessive shade. A topped tree, where the main stem is cut horizontally, produces the desired reduction in tree height/size but at the cost of a rather badly proportioned tree, no longer resembling the natural shape and growth of the tree variety. Such pruning can harm a tree and potentially decrease its lifespan.

Tree Lopping a generally outdated term, where large side branches are removed by making significant vertical cuts.

Our tree care specialists are always available to answer your questions and give you as much help as they can.

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Aberdeen Tree Pruning – Safety Considerations.

Once a work scope has been agreed and any necessary planning / environmental permissions obtained, Arborist-Direct Tree Surgeons and Technicians need to plan a safe system of work and conduct a hazard analysis: The agreed safety plan will include consideration of Technician skills required, number of workers, and equipment needs to provide safe access and work execution. Such equipment may include ladders, mobile work platforms or even cranes, ropes and harnesses, chain saws, pulleys and lowering equipment, chipping machines, and waste material disposal. All Tree Surgeons and Technicians are certified to operate and handle the equipment in use.

The Arborist-Direct Aberdeen tree pruning team employs skilled Arborists, Tree Surgeons and experienced Technicians to undertake all tree climbing and cutting work. Rope-access work and the use of chain saws need careful handling, where safe working practices must:

  • Protect the workers
  • Protect the trees being pruned and the adjacent areas
  • Ensure safety of people and property in the area, especially in confined or constrained spaces
  • Provide legal protection to the client, including environmental safeguards that wildlife is not being impacted
  • Provide suitable insurance for the work being undertaken
Tree Preservation Orders

Tree Preservation Orders are an orders made by local planning authorities in the UK to protect individual trees and groups of trees. Clients are legally responsible for work done on any trees protected by a Preservation Order on their land. See (here) for more information on how to check and request authorisation to carry out work on protected trees.

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Reasons for Tree Pruning include :-
  • Reduction of tree wind loading to improve safety
  • Lowering or thinning the leaf canopy to improve access to light and decrease shading
  • Raising the tree canopy to increase ground clearance, useful ground area and grass growing capability
  • Controlling overall size and shape of tree canopy
  • Corrective care following storm damage.
  • Prevention or halting the spread of tree disease

How and when to prune trees

Arborist-Direct Aberdeen employs qualified professional Arborists, experienced Tree Surgeons and certified Engineers/Technicians to undertake all aspects of Pruning work.

Our experienced Arborists are knowledgeable on all aspects of tree growing and tree care being able to provide guidance on how and when to treat all tree varieties found in the Aberdeen area. Some trees are pruned in early spring, others in late autumn. Some trees can be pruned seldom but hard, whereas others must be trimmed little and often. Prior to any work being agreed, the existence of any Tree Preservation Orders ( see below) will be considered.

Removal of too many branches or too much leaf canopy can severely stress some trees to a point where they may not recover and die-back. Poorly made cuts or removal of significantly sized branches, leaving large wounds, can open a tree to major stress and disease: The same can happen if large areas of leafy foliage are removed reducing the tree’s ability to photosynthesise and ‘breathe’. Appropriately timed discussions between competent Arborists and experienced Tree Surgeons can maximise successful outcomes to tree pruning work.

As shown, good pruning practices need to be undertaken regularly and in a timely fashion by competent tree specialists, arborists and tree surgeons to retain the beauty of our wonderful trees. Late, poorly planned pruning work must be avoided to maintain trees in good condition and shape throughout their lives. The employment of Arborist-Direct Aberdeen can help avoid the pitfalls of poor tree care and keep beautiful, valuable trees both healthy and thriving.

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