Glasgow Tree Surgery Post Lockdown

Glasgow Tree Surgery post Lockdown

Glasgow Tree Surgery Post Lockdown

15/06/21 01:34 PM Glasgow

The Arborist Direct Glasgow tree surgeon team has been extremely busy following the lockdown! While it was still possible for some teams to operate on select jobs where social distancing measures could be complied with during lockdown in Scotland, some jobs couldn’t be attended to and the majority of clients were not requesting work as they waited to see how things would unfold. Our clients, as usual have been asking for tree surgery work in all parts of Glasgow as far east as Port Glasgow, Clydebank and Dunbarton and some climbing tree surgeon work in Milngavie and tree surgery in Bearsden.

The west end as always has had its fair share of climbing free surgeons needed. The area has a lot of very old tenement gardens with large established trees in small gardens without easy access meaning that a climbing tree surgeon using controlled sectional dismantling is the only safe way to carry out tree work without risking damage to walls and property. Hyndland, Kelvindale, Broomhill, Kelvinside and then out north to Netherton and Bearsden. In the Southside we cover from Rutherglen, to Giffnock , Newton Mearns and out to East Kilbride and Hamilton.

This meant that when the lockdown finally ended many households who had spent months at home spotting work that needed doing in their homes and gardens suddenly got on the phone and started calling. Our phones had never been busier in the 5 years Arborist Direct has been operating! Early summer is always the busiest time of year from tree surgeons in Glasgow and everywhere else but this time it was roughly double the annual average.

People had been at home with family enjoying their gardens more than normal and had time to spot all the extra little jobs they may have otherwise passed over. From small tree pruning and dead-wooding work all the way up to large tree removals and preparing areas for landscaping.As usual, the most frequently quoted reason for getting tree work done was to let more sunlight through to peoples gardens and we all know just how valuable sunlight is in Glasgow! Reducing the size of a tree canopy or thinning out branches can make a big difference to the amount of sunlight that reaches your house and lawn.

Following a couple of stormy days we then started getting the usual calls for making safe and removing storm damaged branches and trees and for work to be carried out to reduce tree canopies to make them safer with a lower wind loading. Once people have had the problem once they see the potential danger and damage that un-cared for trees can cause and realize that its better to get the work done to make the trees safe for the next few years. Gardent are not the same as forests where trees can grow freely without risking damage to people and property if branches or the occasional tree happens to fall.

Another anomaly has been the amount of people asking for tree planting work in Glasgow and across the rest of Scotland. It seems that while spending so much time in our gardens people have time to to get creative and imagine how to make improvements. We have been providing advice on tree species suited to the space and soil and the size that they will grow to as well as providing top soil, sourcing the trees and saplings and doing the planting. All part of a Glasgow arborist’s work.

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