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Trees can be a wonderful addition to most gardens and landscapes, especially if the correct variety of tree is planted in the correct location. Beauty, peace and tranquillity can result from well planned tree planting. Plant the wrong tree in the wrong location and a costly head-ache may be the unintended result. Arborist-Direct specialists are available to assist the client in correct tree selection by assessing:

  • Reason for trees being planted
  • Location and prevailing environment
  • Accessibility and ability to maintain trees selected
  • Desirable life duration of trees selected

Our local Arborists can advise on preferred tree selection throughout Aberdeenshire. They can obtain the tree chosen and are able to undertake the planting operation required.

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Reasons for Tree Planting

There are many reasons to want to plant trees: Some of the more obvious ones are –

  • Add colour to the garden (what colour?)
  • Provide shade from sunlight
  • To soak-up excess water
  • Provide a wind break
  • Leave a lasting legacy for generations to come
  • Provide a natural habitat for birds or wild-life
  • Replace a dying/ dead tree
  • Provide a location for children to play-in and enjoy
  • Install a fruit tree (preferred type?)

Once the client has agreed the key reasons for planting trees he needs to consider where the trees are to be planted

Selecting Location for Tree Planting

  • A tree, or group of trees, must be selected considering –
  • Soil and ground composition available
  • Drainage and provision of water
  • Topography of the land – steep/ flat
  • Exposed or sheltered position – in shade or needing wind protection
  • Temperature range likely to be seen
  • Access routes to desired tree location
  • Amount of maintenance desired
  • Desired life of tree
  • Cost of tree / tree maintenance.

Space available is a key consideration – The preferred location of a tree needs to consider the space for the roots and the branches needed throughout a tree’s life. Some trees have roots which are attracted to water supplies and sewage pipes ( esp. Willow trees). It is therefore important to be aware of both short and longer term considerations when locating a tree.

It is normal to consider: proximity of buildings, impact on neighbouring properties and facilities, location of utilities especially water pipes, overhead power and telephone lines.

All these factors are likely to impact what tree types and varieties can be recommended to meet a particular need and location. Arborist-Direct Aberdeen can provide tree specialists or Arborists to visit the location, assess the situation and advise on preferred tree types.

There are endless varieties of trees which can be selected to enhance gardens and the landscape of Aberdeenshire. Some of the more easily recognized trees are:-

Alder, Ash, Beech, Birch, Black-thorn, Elm, Hawthorn, Holly, Lime/Linden, Maple, Oak, Poplar, Rowan /Mountain-Ash, Sycamore, Cypress, Leylandii, Pine, Spruce, Willow, Yew, Apple, Cherry, Pear, Plum and many others. All have their recognised advantages and disadvantages as garden or parkland trees.

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After careful evaluation and discussion, the tree type and location can be fixed.

The age of the tree(s) to be planted can vary from a one-year old sapling to a 4 or 5 year old established young tree. It is unusual to be transplanting a mature 10-year old tree which would require far more consideration, specialist contractors, significant digging works and lifting equipment.

There are other factors which must also be considered for a successful tree planting operation – The preferred time of year, the root-ball size, the depth and size of holes, soil-fertilization, and provision of adequate water supply: These are all critical to the success of tree planting, especially if transplanting more mature trees.

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Cost Impact of Tree Selection

A well-chosen tree, planted in an ideal location and maintained correctly should result in little cost to the owner and years of pleasure and enjoyment.

A poorly selected tree planted in the wrong place and maintained badly can result in significant costs; from damage to nearby buildings, roads, walls, pipework or utility services and bring legal liabilities to the owner: from neighbours, utility providers and the public.

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