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Tree Storm Damage & Emergency Tree Surgeon Work

Trees are reasonably stable parts of our gardens and landscapes; they last tens of years with little or no serious maintenance. Trees rarely require much emergency tree surgeon work….

But, there are a few emergency situations which can impact the life or stability of an established tree: The following factors can require emergency Tree Surgeon action –

  • Exceptionally strong winds – breakages and damage
  • Heavy snow or rain storms – overloading of branches
  • Streams, rivers and floods – undermining roots and causing collapse
  • Tree Disease/ Pest/ Wildlife damage
  • Healthy Trees impacting buildings and utilities

In an emergency tree surgeons will aim to reach the work site as quickly as possible. Quickly provide any emergency tree work and emergency tree removal that might be needed, across the Aberdeen and throughout Aberdeenshire.

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Emergency Tree Surgeon

When an emergency tree work situation arises, caused by a damaged tree, immediate response could be required from a team of experts who know what to do and can help you to execute a rectification plan in a timely fashion. Arborist-Direct Aberdeen has Tree Surgeons, Arborists and experienced Technicians who will bring their tree surgery experience to help in emergency situations and will aim to help prevent further damage and costs being incurred.

Within minutes, mobile phones enable a client to appraise Arborist-Direct Aberdeen of the damage and current emergency situation: If needed clients will quickly be able to share first-hand knowledge of the site and problem scenario via telephone, camera and video via their phones.

Prompt discussion with the client can provide the required information allowing the necessary action plan to be agreed and the tree surgeon or other staff will aim to reassure the client by explaining how they may be able to help.

If an immediate response from a Tree Surgeon team is required to help make a tree or area safe and protect against further damage then the required specialists will be dispatched as soon as they are available: In such situations advice may be given to the client regarding notifying the necessary emergency services, authorities, and utility companies.

Emergency Tree Work Situation Assessment

In most situations, impacted by tree storm damage, an Arborist or Tree Surgeon will be dispatched to the location to assess the situation and may be able to advise on an action plan, which will include work to be undertaken, the manpower and equipment requirements, and supporting service needs.

The need for emergency services should be assessed by the client (closure of roads etc) together with any legal impact and information needed for insurance claims.

Where possible and safe to do so, emergency tree work will be carried out to help make the situation safe or accessible as required. We can help with emergency tree removal from roads, paths and gardens and in an emergency tree surgeons will look to get to the site as quickly as they can.

The primary concern will be to ensure there is no further threat, either to life or to additional property damage.

Rectification plans will include:

  • Ensuring further damage to property and trees is minimised
  • Removing the broken trees or tree limb – possibly in stages
  • Pruning or removing the damaged tree in a professional manner
  • Providing advice as to preventing a recurrence of similar situations
Emergency Tree Surgeon tree work
Storm Damaged Tree

Following the agreed time-line the necessary Arborist-Direct Tree Surgeon team will be mobilised. Most arborist related tree servicing equipment will be supplied as routine; however, there may be unusual situations where additional non-routine equipment has to be contracted in, such as heavy lift cranes.

Access to location is often a critical factor to be considered: The diseased or storm damaged tree may be tens of years old, not only will the tree have got bigger since planting but it is likely that construction of housing, roads, utilities, walls and fences will now impact the site.

Consequently, gaining access to the location for manpower and equipment may not be a routine matter. Crossing of private property, and utility rights-of-way may involve third party involvement, or at least granting of permission.

Arborist-Direct Aberdeen tree surgeons, where possible, will aim to provide advice to help the client decide on what third party involvement may be required in the steps required to put together and execute such remedial/ emergency action plans.

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Stabilise and Rectify Broken & Storm Damaged Trees

The Arborist-Direct Tree Surgeon teams will tackle the remedial work in the planned methodical manner, seeking to safeguard themselves, any supporting personnel and members of the public; further damage to property or trees will be minimised, even if this means additional steps have to be undertaken.

The damaged or diseased tree will be assessed for remedial pruning work; this may involve further branch removal to balance the tree and ensure its’ stability. In exceptional cases there may be a recommendation to completely fell of remove the offending tree, because either it cannot be saved or it poses a significant threat to other trees or property.

Often where trees grow in groups the outer trees provide some wind protection to the inner trees: As a group they are stable. Loss of branches or complete loss of one of these outer trees often poses a significant threat to the other trees in the group. Consequential damage and further threat to property has to be one of the potential concerns assessed by the Arborist or Tree Surgeon. Such situations are readily seen in local Aberdeenshire pine forests.

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Legal and Insurance Factors

As a landowner or home-owner any damage to trees or property is a concern.

It is important that protection of the public and other personnel is handled as of paramount importance: This is a legal requirement on all property owners and contractors alike.

Should an emergency tree work situation arise impacting public rights of way, utilities or other services then the police, emergency services and utility companies must be promptly informed. Arborist- Direct Aberdeen can advise the client of such requirements where they are aware of them.

Insurance companies are often involved in claims processes following emergency tree damage situations especially where there is damage to property and third-party facilities. Photographic evidence and competent reports written by specialist are usually required by insurance assessors, especially if emergency remedial action is required before an insurance assessor reaches location. Paperwork is an unfortunate essential in such cases.

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