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Arborist-Direct Aberdeen provide full tree management service throughout Aberdeen and the surrounding area: This includes for throughout Aberdeenshire and within Aberdeen; Tree Felling, Tree Cutting, Tree Dismantling and Tree Removal.

Tree Felling – At the End of their Useful Lives

All trees reach the end of their useful lives at some point. Hopefully they reach full maturity and die from old age. Unfortunately, trees may be condemned and need removal for a variety of other reasons.

  • Trees outgrow the space they were planted in
  • Trees become to confined by subsequent erection of surrounding buildings and roads
  • Tree roots cause damage to adjacent property and highways
  • Trees become diseased and pass the point of corrective pruning
  • Trees are severely damaged by storms or floods

Arborist-Direct Aberdeen tree felling professionals have the expert skills to fell, cut, dismantle and remove trees in all the above situations. Tree removal is usually a lower magnitude of cost than allowing trees to fall-down causing subsequent damage. Our specialist Arborists can advise tree owners and help prevent expensive remedial expenses, potentially caused by them delaying decisions and negating their legal responsibility for safeguarding people and property.

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Cutting Down Trees

Trees can be cut down in two main ways – Tree Felling or Tree Dismantling in piecemeal fashion. Trees are often tall, often bulky and normally very heavy; the momentum from a falling or felled tree is significant and difficult to control. It is therefore often a mixture of these two mechanisms that is chosen to cut down and remove a tree to ease potential problems during the work execution and reduce the risk of collateral damage.

Topics explained include

Before any tree is cut down environmental checks must be conducted to ensure Tree Preservation Orders (see below) are not being contravened and that wild-life is protected.

Aberdeen Tree Felling

If a tree is growing alone in an open space, without adjacent buildings, property or other trees then in Aberdeen Tree Felling may be the easiest and lowest cost method of having a tree cut down; this is often the case in commercial forestry situations where trees are to be harvested for their timber value and damage to surrounding property is not an issue.

In such cases the tree is carefully cut near the base of the tree in such a fashion that the tree will fall exactly in the direction chosen. These wedge cuts are made with chain saws by our experienced tree surgeons, taking into account topography of the land, wind direction and wind strength. Sometimes tensioned wires or ropes are utilised to assist this process.

Arborist-Direct recommend that as in anywhere else, in Aberdeen Tree Felling or Tree Cutting is only carried out by trained and skilled Tree Surgeons, Arborists or Forestry Woodsmen, ensuring safe systems of work are utilised, legal requirements are met and liabilities are covered by in-place insurances.

Once a tree is felled and cut down the canopy will need to be cut-off, passed through a wood-chipper and removed from location. The remaining tree trunk will then be assessed for disposal – much value may still remain in this significant resource. Depending on the number of trees felled, the variety of wood, the size and dimensions and the overall condition a single tree trunk may have significant value for the owner as:-

  • Building- timber generation by local sawmills
  • Decorative wood for external or internal cladding and feature purposes
  • Raw materials for carving and other art-work
  • Fuel provision by chopping into logs for wood-burning stoves.

Arborist-Direct Aberdeen tree felling specialists can advise on such decisions and direct a client towards potential buyers of such materials.

Our tree care specialists are always available to answer your questions and give you as much help as they can.

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Aberdeen Tree Felling by Dismantling

As is often the case, trees needing removal cannot be felled in one piece: This is especially the case where trees are in gardens or on business premises, where trees are adjacent to buildings, offices, thoroughfares, roads, fences, power lines and telephone cables. The close proximity of other healthy trees and wildlife habitats often also preclude the use of one-cut, single drop Tree Felling.

In such cases trees must use sectional dismantling from the top by skilled Tree Surgeons using extensive rope-access work. First small branches are cut from the lower portions of the canopy, allowing removal and safe lowering of the upper canopy and branches. Once a large tree has been reduced to a trunk with large stubby branch forks it can be cut or lopped in sections which are then lowered carefully by ropes and pulleys to the ground. It is normal for all foliage and small branches to be chipped or shredded; the resulting pieces/ chippings are easier to collect and transport away by truck or lorry. The trunk is then cut or lopped in horizontal sections and lowered to the ground individually, until only a tree stump remains. Tree stumps can be left to decay if not in the way or unsightly, but often they are removed by stump grinding.

These tree sections are very heavy and have the potential to cause serious damage to property or harm to individuals unless handled by experienced tree surgeons and trained Technicians who must be certified for the equipment in use. Arborist-Direct Aberdeen have routine systems which can be put in-place for safely managing Tree Dismantling.

The resulting tree sections, or ‘rounds’ are no longer suitable for use as building materials but, depending on wood type, can still be of significant value as attractive raw material for decorative carving and good feedstock as logs for fuel.

Certified Reviewed
Certified Reviewed

Integrated or Combined Tree Dismantling and Felling in Aberdeenshire

Sometimes a tree can be safely felled as a relatively thin, vertical tree trunk; however, first the leaf canopy and most branches need to be removed by a Tree Surgeon using rope-access and chain-saw techniques. The tree dismantling takes the form of pruning back until a point is reached where felling of the remaining tree trunk will not impact any neighbouring accessway or surrounding property.

Such techniques are routine for Arborist-Direct Aberdeen teams of wood-cutting specialists: they offer cost effective solutions to many tree removal situations.

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Trees are valuable assets, they can add beauty to our homes and be enjoyed by people and the natural wildlife, but only if maintained in good condition. When trees have to be removed there are legal, safety and environmental checks which must be made prior to felling taking place. Arborist- Direct Aberdeen have specialists available who can advise on the checks to be made, who to contact and how best to meet all requirements.

  • Tree Preservation Orders. These orders are applied and controlled by branches of the Local Planning Authority. They are established to preserve valuable arboreal assets in towns, villages and countryside. Permission need to be sought by land-owner or home-owner before any work on a preserved tree is carried out, especially tree felling and removal (see below).
  • Wild-life Protected Species. Some animal and bird species are legally protected ( eg: bats and raptors) others are species under threat ( eg: red squirrels). Prior to felling Arborist-Direct Aberdeen specialists will survey the tree to be felled and advise which environmental/ ecological consultant to contact to ascertain the required actions and if a European Protected Species licence (EPS for some bats) is required.
  • Safe Systems of Work. A home owner has a responsibility to safeguard his own and neighbouring persons and property: By employing Arborist-Direct Aberdeen a home owner can have confidence that a safe system of work will be put in place and the technical team being utilised will have the required training, experience and certification to undertake the tasks agreed in the work-scope.
  • Power and Telephone Lines & Cables. Tree felling within 10 metres of electric power lines should not be carried out without seeking guidance from the owner or Network-Operator of the line. This includes trees where the felling operations will impact the 10metre safety zone. Telephone or BT lines are also a concern. Arborist-Direct Tree Surgeons are well experienced in working around telephone cables and will minimise any potential for damage to such lines. The specialists planning the work will be involved in obtaining any permits required.
  • Tree felling, even when dismantling involved, brings risk of damage to people and property. Arborist-Direct Aberdeen tree surgeons and other specialist technicians are fully insured for public liability and employer’s liability insurances, so as to execute the agreed work-scope within the law.

Land owners should check if there are any Tree Preservation Orders covering any trees on their land before carrying out any pruning or felling. (In Aberdeen tree felling and tree cutting is covered by tree preservation orders as well as throughout the rest of Aberdeenshire under the respective local planning authorities) It may be required to ask permission from your local authority prior to starting. This is a legal responsibility. Please see (HERE) for more detailed information and ask you Arborist-Direct Aberdeen team for guidance.

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