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Arborist Direct Edinburgh are a professional local Edinburgh tree surgeon and arborist business serving Edinburgh and the Lothian and Central Belt regions.

Our services are based around qualified arborists doing what is best for your trees to keep them strong and healthy wherever possible unless the work requires felling or clearing.

Our team will be with you in no time to perform a preliminary inspection and determine what needs to be done and how. We will then present our conclusions to you and ask for your green light before starting our tree care operations.

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Our Edinburgh Tree Surgeon and Arborist Services:

Care For Trees, Revive Trees, Plant Trees. Go Green.

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Tree Surgery & Arborist Company in Lothain

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Our team of professional Edinburgh tree surgeons works diligently and adheres to very strict standards in order to ensure you a superior experience whenever you decide to work with us. We will always aim for all of our team to be not only reliable and trustworthy, but also on-time, professional and efficient in everything we do

You can call us if you are looking for an Edinburgh Arborist to advise and care for sick or damaged trees or an Edinburgh tree surgeon or Arborist to climb high into a tree to thin or prune a canopy

Our warehouse is fully stocked with top-notch tree cutting tools. We can perform tree branch removal or tree limb removal in the safest, quickest way that ensures the health of your trees. If you are unsure of what needs to be done, you can always contact us and ask us to perform a routine inspection to determine the current state of your trees and what services they are more likely to require now and in the near future.

Commercial and Residential Tree Care in Edinburgh

Local businesses and homeowners alike trust us to take care of their trees. We are a reputable local tree care company and each or our qualified staff has years of experience under their belt and we would love to share our expertise with you. Get some useful advice and actionable tips from our professional arborists and Edinburgh tree surgeons.

Growing trees and maintaining them can be worry free when you have the right professional help. If left un-pruned a tree can become too big, block out views and sunlight or even become a hazard to overhead wires or property. Its always better to provide regular tree maintenance rather than wait until a tree is overgrown and pruning can be a major job

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Tree Care Services in Edinburgh & Lothian

Whether we are in spring or autumn, or any other season, there is always a good reason to invest time and money in your trees. Enhance your property & keep your garden beautiful. Whether its planting or pruning we can take care of your trees and let you enjoy the view. Don’t risk balancing on a ladder or hanging from a tree with a chainsaw. Leave the dangerous work to a local professional Edinburgh tree surgeon or arborist and go and and get the barbaque ready for those rare sunny Scottish days

There are plenty of tree removal and maintenance companies in the area but not all of them are made up of qualified arborists. It is a very different service to have a tree cut back too much by a chainsaw to having a trained arborist cut the correct branches and parts of a tree to maintain a healthy long lived tree.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of trees and all of our staff work in he arboricultural field because of their love for trees and the environment they are part of. If possible we will always try to do what is best for the health of the tree or for the garden or area around it. From the moment you call us to the moment we leave your property, we aim to provide great customer care and will always aim to leave your garden or the surrounding area in a good state. again and again,

Edinburgh Tree Surgeon & Tree Care Costs

If you are wondering about how much tree care services will cost you, worry no more! We offer competitive prices all year long without ever compromising on quality throughout Edinburgh and Lothian. It is always worth getting multiple quotes from tree care providers but we know that compared to other professional, certified arborists and Edinburgh tree surgeons we are competitively priced.

When we founded the company, our goal was to offer arborist level tree services at affordable prices meeting the high customer care standards of Arborist Direct. We want our services to be available to all types of clients from residential to commercial to estates.

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Certified Arborists in Edinburgh, Scotland

Call us now on 0131 510 5464 to book one or several tree services or to ask more questions about the services we provide. Our arborists or an Edinburgh tree surgeon will be able to discuss your work and share useful tips and advice about how to maintain and grow your trees.

We can even perform complex tasks such as large tree felling and tree removal even if it required sectional dismantling with a climbing tree surgeon or arborist working at height. Offering the best tree services in Lothian is our ultimate goal and we will not stop until we achieve it! If you are looking for a tree removal cost estimate, get in touch with us and ask for a free, no obligation quotation. We will then ask you a few questions and may need to visit the site to determine the estimated price.

Are you looking for reliable and professional tree services near you? If yes, our tree care company is here to help you in the Lothian area and in other areas of Scotland. We have extensive experience working with all types of trees, mostly local species, and many homeowners and businesses have hired and keep hiring us repeatedly, now and in the past.

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Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong.
If you would know strength and patience, welcome to the company of trees.
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