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Tree Felling, Precision Dismantling & Tree Removal

In Glasgow tree felling, tree cutting and tree removal services can be required anywhere from a tight back yard of a tenement block to private shared inner-city gardens through to suburban gardens and public parks roads and through ways.

Arborist Direct Glasgow can carry out Glasgow tree felling and tree cutting services with the correct, safe techniques for whatever the situation. As a local Glasgow company of qualified and insured professional arborists and tree surgeons we offer a professional tree removal service throughout Greater Glasgow and the surrounding areas in the West of Scotland, from the Central Belt to the Trossachs down to Ayrshire.

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Why or When to Fell & Remove Trees?

Sometimes trees simply outgrow the space they are in or the get old or diseased and die. But many times, the problem is that the tree becomes dangerous after disease or storm damage. The cost of tree removal is usually far lower than the cost of repairing property that the tree may damage if it fell.

Another common reason for tree removal is when a trees roots may start to cause damage to a building, wall, driveway or footpath.

Our tree care specialists are always available to answer your questions and give you as much help as they can.

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Two Main Methods for Cutting Down Trees

Trees can be cut down and removed in two main ways or by using a combination of the two:

  • Tree Felling and
  • Precision Dismantling or Sectioned Dismantling of Trees.

Glasgow Tree Felling

Straight tree felling or tree cutting services are generally used in commercial situations where the trees are positioned well away from any safety hazards. As the name suggests, this involves cutting down trees or tree felling in one large section by making the correct cuts at the base of the tree.

Depending on the situation and the wind strength and wind direction, wedge cuts can be made to control the direction that the tree falls. But sometimes in addition to this, ropes may need to be attached high up the tree which can be tensioned in the correct direction.

The rope tensioning can either be done by people or winches when a large force is required to ensure that the tree falls where it is supposed to. This way the tree does not cause damage or get caught up in neighboring trees and reached the ground safely where it can be safely cut up into smaller sections and removed from site.

Tree felling should only be carried out by professional tree cutters. The Arborist Direct Glasgow tree felling team has the well trained and experienced tree surgeons needed for the job.

And Finally The Stump

Once the tree has been removed you have the choice of whether or not to remove the tree stump.

(See our Glasgow Tree Stump Removal Service)

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Legal Issues

Glasgow Precision Dismantling/ Sectional Dismantling

In cities or on private property there are usually many safety hazards which mean that trees need precision, sectional dismantling. Potential hazards include walkways, roads, buildings, sheds, walls, fencing and power and telephone cables. In some situations, such as working near live electrical wiring specialist training and certification is required for any professional tree removal.

Our professional tree cutters and tree surgeons will be able to advise on and carry out the best tree removal service and method.

Sectional dismantling often requires a team of tree surgeons. Usually the team will require one climber tree surgeon and at least one or two experienced groundsmen on the ground. These groundsmen need to be experienced in the ropework and pully systems involved and should be trained aerial rescue and first aid because of the high risk involved.

The climber tree surgeon uses ropes, harness and climbing boot spikes to climb the tree. Starting with the highest or outermost sections or branches of the tree, he will attach ropes and pulleys to each branch or section of tree before it is cut. Then, when it is cut, those sections can be safely and slowly lowered to the ground without harming any people or property.

Glasgow Tree Removal

A Glasgow tree removal service is usually provided as required after the tree is all safely cut and lowered to the ground. To remove trees usually involves a lot of chainsaw work to cut the tree into more manageable sections. We can then load these onboard trucks or sometimes use an onsite chipping machine which turns the smaller branches to woodchips making it much easier to transport away from the site.

Legal and Safety Issues

Glasgow tree felling, tree cutting and tree removal can all be affected by legal issues which professional tree cutters and tree surgeons will be able to advise you on and help keep you on the right side of the law.

  • Tree Preservation Orders. The land owner contracting the tree cutting and tree removal is responsible for making sure that a tree is not covered by a tree preservation order. Any arborist or tree surgeon should be able to advise on how to check this as part of the tree removal service.
  • Protected species habitats. Some animal species such as bats are legally protected and cutting down or removing part of a tree which is home to roosting bats is a criminal offense which a land owner can be prosecuted for.
  • The presence of bats will not stop works but you must seek advise on how to do works legally. An ecological consultant who specializes in bats will be able to advise and help seek any European Protected Species (EPS) license required. This may involve providing alternative roosting habitats.
  • The Arborist Direct Glasgow team has Rikki who as well as being a skilled climber arborist & tree surgeon, is an ecological consultant and can carry out this type of bat survey and advisory service across Scotland. He will be able to let you know what can be done to fell a tree without getting yourself into legal trouble.
  • Working close to power lines. Tree felling or tree cutting within 10 meters (measured horizontally) of electrical power lines should not be carried out without first seeking guidance from the owner of the power line. (The Network Operator) This includes any trees or tree work which could fall within 10m of a power line when they are cut or felled.
  • Working near BT lines. Most tree surgeons will be well experienced in working around BT cables and will be able to carry out tree felling or tree cutting services so as to minimize the potential for damage to the lines.
  • When carrying out tree felling, tree removals or tree cutting services around people and property there is always the risk of damage or injury. Our tree surgeons are fully insured for public liability insurance and employers liability insurance so as to carry out any works for you within the law.
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