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Emergency Tree Care for Storm Damaged Trees

Sometimes Glasgow’s lovely weather can be even worse than normal and the occasional high wind or storm can damage trees leaving fallen or dangerous branches and trees that need emergency tree care. Emergency tree work can involve safely removing broken or hanging branches but also sometimes whole trees that have either fallen or are hanging dangerously.

The Arborist Direct Glasgow team will try to be on site as quickly as possible for emergencies and if it is safe to do so will make the tree safe again. Sometimes with smaller trees it may be possible to preserve the tree by supporting the tree in some way.

Whatever the situation please call us and we will see how we can help.

Thank you to Charlotte Tree Service (tree removal in Charlotte NC) for your training support last year!

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Expert Tree Surgeon

Emergency Tree Surgeons

Tree surgeons can be called out quickly in an emergency to make trees safe. When stormy high winds damage and blow down trees, the trees and branches can be left fallen across buildings or in danger of doing so.

We can make the tree safe to prevent damage or to prevent any further damage or risk to property or people.

Fallen trees, broken branches, trees that are leaning and at risk of falling……

…… we can make safe, remove and clean up any fallen trees.

Emergency Tree Surgery

Emergency tree surgery that we help with comes in all shapes and sizes.

  • We can help cut up and remove already fallen trees and branches.
  • We can remove broken branches in danger of falling
  • We can safely dismantle trees that have been blown and are in danger of falling
  • We can cut, remove and make safe trees that have fallen onto or against buildings or property.
  • When possible we will try to get on site as quickly as possible and make the situation safe as our first priority.
Storm Damaged Tree

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Emergency Tree Surgeon tree work

Emergency Tree Work - Capable & Qualified

We have a fleet of some of the largest and most capable tree work machinery in Glasgow. This capability combined with highly trained and experienced tree surgeons and staff mean that we can handle many situations both residential, private and commercial.


Quick Call Outs When Safety is an Issue

Wherever possible we will prioritize emergency tree work where safety is a concern.

Broken Tree Glasgow Emergency Tree Surgeon

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