mr arborist directTrimming and cutting your hedge has never been so important! If you want to maintain your hedge in good condition and make sure it looks good at all times, you should call the pros.

Our hedge maintenance service is here to do the hard work for you while you just enjoy the benefits of having a perfectly trimmed hedge.


We will give it the shape you want and we guarantee you that it will perfectly fit into your existing landscape. Our professional gardening experts are well known for their hedge trimming skills. Whether you have a compact hedge, a formal one, or a small one, we can help you with everything you need to maintain it in every season.


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  • Hedge Care in Edinburgh, Scotland


Hedge Maintenance

Hedge care requires patience, attention to detail and some serious work if you want your hedge to look its best whatever the season. We can also reduce its heights or shape it the way you want. The sky is the limit, you just have to ask or describe what you have in mind and we will take care of the technical details!

Don’t let your hedge over-expand and call our professional hedge trimmers to get the help you need. A hedge can have a stunning visual impact that complements or enhance your landscape. Imagine this: beautiful geometric shapes and other nice garden features right here in your garden!


We do not need to wait for this. Plant Trees. Go Green.

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  • Hedge Maintenance in the Lothians


Tree Trimmer

Hedges are your perfect alternative to fences and they can do a lot to improve your privacy when you are at home. Our certified horticulturalists can assist you with your hedge and gave it the artistic finish you are looking for.

Before anything else, we will come to inspect and assess the current state of your hedge in order to determine its size, height, and width. We will taper the sides of your hedge based on their angle also.


However, reshaping is only one aspect and pruning is important too for healthy regrowth of your green walls. Ask us some advice about the best trimming and formative hedge strategies we recommend. Your garden will regain its style and its charm if you properly maintain your hedge and make sure it is dense enough instead of a “bare legs” type of growth.


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  • Hedge Trimming Service in Scotland’s Central Belt


Hedge Trimmer

We keep the hedge trimming and maintenance costs down so you can afford to hire us all year long to take care of your hedge. We offer many types of trim types and can maintain your hedge from start to finish. Regular trimming is a must and we would love to assist you all the way to a healthier, more beautiful hedge that will be your pride and your joy.

Call our services now at 0131 510 5464 to learn more about our company or to schedule directly an appointment with one of our tree care experts. Garden hedges can bring a lot to any garden but hedge cutting and trimming are required to keep them under control.

Tree Surgery Quote

The prices for hedge maintenance we offer are extremely competitive and you will get excellent value for your money. Of course, you can find someone cheaper if you don’t mind getting some sub-par work done, but it is always better to spend a little more and getting better quality.


Our tree care specialists are always available to answer your questions and give you as much help as they can.

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