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In Lothian and Edinburgh tree pruning and tree trimming are an integral part of our services. We know how important it is to perform proper tree maintenance on a regular basis and our qualified arborists and tree surgeons will always try to advise and do whats best for the health of the tree.

Let us remove crossing and rubbing branches, and also weak crotches to help your tree to stay strong and healthy. A well-pruned tree increases the safety of your garden and property while improving the aesthetics and light penetration from your surroundings too.

Edinburgh Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming Services:

  • Crown Thinning
  • Crown Lifting or Crown Raising
  • Crown Reduction
  • Crown Cleaning or Deadwooding
  • Pollarding
  • Tree Lopping and Tree Topping (Cutting of large tree sections. Generally avoided unless necessary as it is stressful to the health of your trees)

To help your trees to remain steady in the wind, allow light through the canopy, stay free from fungal diseases and insects and to never have to undergo a very heavy pruning (which can be stressful for the trees health) if it becomes overgrown; we suggest on servicing your trees regularly.

We can help advise on a maintenance program which may involve some pruning every few years or sometimes every year for fast growing species in some environments. With the correct maintenance you can avoid dangerous or expensive problems in the future and you can enjoy the beauty of your trees with peace of mind.

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Edinburgh Tree Pruning

Pruning is primarily meant for shrubs and trees. As well as for shaping the tree pruning is designed to protect the tree. Pruning at the right times of year and being able to remoe dead branches can keep the tree safe as well as helping it to grow and prosper. If you want your trees to be healthy for the long term its always a good idea to consult with a qualified arborist to see what the best pruning and maintenance program is.

Our tree pruning specialists are highly skilled and have pruned hundreds if not thousands of trees over the years. They’ve accumulated decades of experience and know what it takes to keep a tree healthy. Infected branches may be removed and trees can be shaped for aesthetics, light penetration or to reduce wind loading. As such, the aesthetic purpose or beauty of the tree is not incompatible with tree pruning for tree health.

On smaller branches hand shears and lopping shears are safer and leave cleaner healthier cuts than chainsaws. However for large branches and when working on branches which will support the climber’s weight the chainsaw is the only option.

Depending on the tree species, and the local environment tree pruning may be done annually. The best seasons are often winter or spring. But exact timing will depend on the type of tree and the weather that year.

Crown Reduction and Crown Thining will increase structural stability and improve airflow between the tree branches. Sunlight penetration is key to your tree’s health and the beauty of your outside spaces! This also helps to allow your tree to dry quicker in order to stay safe from insects and other pests. Strong winds and heavy rains will be less likely to damage your trees if they are pruned regularly too.

Climbing Tree Pruning in Scotland’s Central Belt

Wherever possible a mobile elevated work platform will be used but access and the size of the trees often makes this impractical. Out climbing arborists and tree surgeons use advanced tree climbing techniques to perform tree pruning and tree trimming . We climb high into the trees with ropes in order to control precisely the tree pruning process and lowering of tree sections to avoid damage to healthy branches, the tree itself and property nearby.

Using less heavy equipment also minimizes our footprint, and means no tire tracks on your garden and no damage to healthy plants and growth in the area.

Using the right tree climbing methods improves the safety of everyone involved and the efficiency of the service performed. Our arborists are certified tree climbers who know how to perform tree pruning so as to be as safe as possible for the tree, people and property.

Cutting is minimized as much as possible most of the time so as not to damage the healthy parts of the tree. It is better to pinpoint the areas that need pruning instead of performing indiscriminate pruning. This is where the knowledge of our Arborists is so important.

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Edinburgh Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming Costs

Our prices for Lothian and Edinburgh tree pruning and trimming services are competitive with the local market. A little spent each year or two on regular maintenance will generally be far cheaper in the long run than having to undertake major pruning after many years of overgrowth and in the worst case a tree blown onto property by high winds can cause very expensive damage.

Each job will be priced based on a site visit as every situation and work scope is different. Some pruning may be possible from the ground and other jobs may be able to be done with a mobile elevated work platform. However for most large trees, a specialist type of arborist or tree surgeon who is trained in tree climbing and working with chainsaws and tree dismantling at height. Our climbing arborists and tree surgeons are experts at selective tree pruning and will always aim to provide the most cost effective service whilst taking into account the safest way of carrying out the work and the best way to preserve the health of your trees.

Crown cleaning, dead wood removal, getting rid of broken branches and snags are all part of our job and we guarantee you that you will be 100% satisfied once we are done. The site will be left clean and if you request it we can remove cut branches and trees from site and we will do our best to keep work within an agreed schedule.

We aim to be Lothian’s most trusted Tree Care Company and we would love to help you next time you need Edinburgh tree pruning, tree trimming or any other related service.

Get in touch with us today on 0131 510 5464 if you wish to learn more about our Lothian & Edinburgh tree pruning services. We are always happy to hear from local residents, homeowners, and business owners, with their tree pruning and tree care needs.

You can also fill out the enquiry form on this page or send us an email ([email protected]) if you have any questions. We will get back to you as soon as possible and will provide you with all the support you need. If we don’t answer the phone immediately please feel free to leave a message as we might be up a tree!

Tree Pruning in Edinburgh & the Lothians

Enhance The Beauty of Property. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the beauty of your trees and how they fit in with their surroundings. Well maintained trees can greatly enhance the beauty of your property. It is usually a great benefit to your home to take proper care of your trees and making sure they grow in a healthy way, without being contaminated by any diseases and without threatening to fall over property or access ways.

Enhance A Property Value. Selling property sometimes means that in green cities such as Edinburgh tree pruning and tree trimming can enhance the sale of a property. Our professional tree care specialists are ready to work with you to improve your house’s curb appeal and increase its value if you are planning to sell in the near future.

Our team of certified arborists is at your disposal near you.

Pruning to Clear Wires and Overhead Structures. You want your trees to stay clear of overhead structures and wires. If tree limbs grow too close to your house, it might be dangerous for your roof and some animals like squirrels might access the upper part of your property (the attic for example) by using tree branches.

If the trees touch wires, they could also disrupt utility service on some occasions. As the land owner it is your responsibility to properly pruning trees to prevent them from affecting overhead wires or adjacent property. In a few words, tree limb overgrowth can be an expensive hazard that can be prevented by hiring tree pruning specialists on a regular basis.

We keep our tree pruning and trimming prices extremely competitive and you will get excellent value for your money from qualified Arborists and Tree Surgeons not just someone with a chainsaw.

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