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Our range of tree care services wouldn’t be complete without professional Lothian and Edinburgh tree felling, tree cutting and tree removal services. This service is frequently required by our customers in the region and we have downed hundreds of trees over the past few years at the request of our clients.

Felling a tree does not mean that we do not care about the environment but rather that we understand that sometimes it is necessary to replace them with a stronger, better type of tree if the tree was affected by a disease for example. Or in other cases, the tree might have been damaged by a storm, heavy rain or any other natural disaster, and needs to be removed as it has become a hazard to property or access ways.

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Lothian & Edinburgh Tree Felling & Tree Cutting

This is an essential task in commercial forestry operations and in residential or built up settings or on country estates the felling operations need to be carried out with more precision and care so as not to damage people or property nearby. Trees can weigh a huge amount and with the wind helping to blow them over can cause a lot of damage so its never advisable for an unskilled operator to try felling a tree by him or her self. This is definitely a job better left to a professional tree feller and Arborist Direct Edinburgh tree felling professionals will be happy to help.

Preparation is extremely important. We have to plan ahead and asses the surroundings and possible obstacles as well as considering the best way to remove any tree sections once the tree is down and needs to be hauled away. A safe working practice consists of warning other people if they work, pass by or live in the area while bringing the appropriate type of forestry equipment.

The felling direction must be planned in advance and any large protruding branches may be best pruned off before felling. We will check which way the tree may be leaning and take the wind into consideration too and create a clear path of retreat just in case something goes wrong. It is often necessary to also use a winch or to physically pull a tree in a certain direction to ensure its direction of fall. This way, we can be sure that the tree felling service will be performed in the best way possible without anybody getting hurt or any property getting damaged in the process.

Lothian & Edinburgh Tree Removal

Once felled most residential or commercial clients need the tree cutting up and removing from site however if you would like the wood cut and left for future use just let us know and well be happy to help. Stripping the branches from the trunk and chopping the trunk into usable or movable sections is done in second with industrial forestry machinery but usually built up residential or commercial settings don’t allow for the access or use of such large machinery and the work has to be done with skilled chainsaw operators.

Fully striping a tree and removing the branches and truck and leaving the garden or area as a usable space again is just the final part of the service. Even the largest or most complicated tasks or projects can be handled by our team of professional Edinburgh tree felling specialists.

If a tree is dying from disease, then the best advice may be to remove it completely to minimise the chance of spreading the disease. Our arborists and Edinburgh tree removal experts will give you advice based on their assessment and can advise on alternative species if you want to replace the lost tree.

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What About the Stump?

Tree felling usually cuts the trunk off as close to the ground as possible can also be done by cutting the tree. It will not remove the roots but at least you will be free from the obstruction or hazard that was caused by the tree.

If you want to get rid of the tree once and for all, you can also hire us to perform a thorough tree stump removal (Edinburgh & Lothian) that will totally eliminate the possibility for the tree to grow back in the future.

Our Lothian & Edinburgh tree removal professionals, arborists and tree surgeons are experts at handling trees of all kinds and know what is necessary to care for a tree as well as what is needed to remove it completely.

The Cost of Tree Felling and Tree Removal in Scotland’s Central Belt

Our Edinburgh tree felling experts use professional equipment and techniques designed to provide maximal safety for both the work site and themselves. Handling trees, especially tall and large ones, requires education, practiced skills and years of experience and training not to mention very expensive purpose built specialist industry equipment to be done properly.

We aim to bring you this expertise and specialist service at competitive local prices whether you are a residential home owner with a small urban garden or a large commercial property or estate owner. We never compromise on quality and on our core customer service values.

We promise you that you will get excellent results delivered on time.

Don’t let your tree lean dangerously over your house waiting for the next high winds. Better to call us now rather than cross your fingers and hope that things will be OK. You can call us now at 0131 510 5464 to learn more about our tree care services and get the professional advice you are looking for.

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Ongoing Maintenance. We still recommend ongoing tree care and maintenance to avoid dealing with the unwanted sight of an ugly tree or damaged tree hanging over your property. But we still understand that in some cases you need to get rid of an old, mature or diseased tree. Our staff will come to the rescue in any circumstances and make the threat disappear from good.

You can get a free, no obligation, quote simply by calling us and arranging a site visit.

The prices for tree removal we offer are aimed to be competitive locally and you will get excellent value for your money. Of course, you can find someone cheaper if you don’t mind getting some sub-par work done, but it is always better to spend a little more and getting better quality.

Our arborists and tree care specialists will be happy to answer your questions and give you as much help as they can.
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