Tree Surgery And Tree Pruning


Tree Surgery And Tree Pruning

Pruning involves the cutting back of overgrown branches and the removal of dead wood to encourage growth. Pruning trees can be dangerous work, especially large trees or trees close to telephone or power lines and should only be attempted by a qualified professional.

  • CROWN REDUCTION – This type of pruning reduces the size of the tree canopy using techniques appropriate to the situation and the species of tree.
  • CROWN THINNING – A type of pruning that increases the amount of light and air that penetrates.
  • CROWN LIFTING – Pruning of lower branches to improve clearance for people, vehicles and buildings.
  • A qualified Arborist will always put safety first and have access to the appropriate safety equipment.
  • A qualified Arborist can quickly determine which type of pruning is best to maintain the health and appearance of the tree.

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