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Arborist Direct Glasgow are a professional local Glasgow tree care company of local Glasgow arborists and Glasgow tree surgeons. We serve the Greater Glasgow, Lanarkshire and West of Scotland areas.

Qualified arborists who know how to keep your trees healthy, not just how to use a chainsaw.



Glasgow Tree Surgeon Services:


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Certified and Reviewed

Our Glasgow Arborist Direct team are experienced professionals with a love for trees and the environment. We request client reviews to make sure that work is kept up to a great standard.

  • Fully Trained and Certified
  • NPTC Certification
  • Arboricultural Society Membership
  • Fully Insured
  • Free Inquiries & No Obligation Quotations

Our staff are experienced and trained to a high standard because of the hazardous nature of the work we do. The business has been running for 2 years under the name Arborist Direct Glasgow but the team leader has 7 years experience following his education and training as an arborist and the rest of the team have as much or more time and education and training in the industry.

Our Glasgow tree surgeons and Glasgow arborists all posses the relavent industry standard NPTC certification


Do you have self trimming trees or poplars which prune themselves? We thought not! …

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Trusted Professionals

We are proud to be able to provide excellent professional Glasgow tree surgeons and Glasgow arborists and offer complete arboriculture services for both residential and commercial clients.

  • Don’t get lost in directories
  • Don’t be misled by dubious 5-star reviews
  • National Standards provided locally


  • All local Arborist Direct Teams work to the same high National Arborist Direct Standards.

Arborist Direct Glasgow is a local Glasgow tree surgeon and arborist company that can offer a full range of top tree services. From standard tree work and tree care and maintenance through to specialized tree surgery our Glasgow tree surgeon and arborist team have it covered. For more detailed information see the ‘Local Services’ for Glasgow at the bottom of the page.


A testimonial from a satisfied customer earlier this year:

“Happy to recommend Arborist Direct to anyone. They took down a a tree that almost fell in a storm and pruned another 5 to make them safe for any more high wind. They were efficient and cleaned up after the job was done.” Jim Reid. Giffnock.


Local Glasgow Tree Surgeon and Arborist Services

  • Tree Pruning & Climbing Tree Surgeons

Tree Pruning & Tree SurgeryTree pruning can sometimes be done from the ground or with the aid of mobile elevating work platforms. (MEWPs) But for many trees, pruning will involve a climber tree surgeon. This is a specialist tree surgeon who can climb high into the tree canopy with ropes a harness and a chainsaw.

There are a range of different types of pruning from crown reduction, crown shaping, crown thinning, and crown raising.

Depending on the type of tree, its health the light desired to pass through the canopy for the clearance required beneath the canopy our expert Glasgow tree surgeons can guide you to the best solution.

(More information on Glasgow Tree Pruning here)

  • Tree Felling & Tree Removal

tree felling and tree removalTree felling services, sometimes called tree cutting services, are involved when an entire tree is either cut down in one piece if there is enough space to do so safely, or by dismantling the tree, branch by branch and section by section.

Usually working from the top down, a climbing tree surgeon can cut the tree into small sections and each section can be lowered to the ground with ropes. This is much safer than bringing down the whole tree in one go.

Once on the ground the branches and trunk sections can be further cut up if required and remove from the site.

(More information on Glasgow Tree Felling here)

  • Tree Stump Removal

tree stump removalOnce a tree has been felled and removed from site, the tree stump is still left in the ground. This can either be left in place or removed.

But if left in place it can sometimes become infected by a fungus which can kill neighboring trees and plants.

Tree surgeons can remove the stump with different methods depending on the size and situation of the tree. For smaller roots systems, they may be dug out or pulled out with a winch. Larger stumps can be mechanically ground down using a stump grinder or excavator.

(More information on Glasgow Tree Stump Removal here)

  • Hedge Maintenance

Arborist Direct Hedge Maintenance and Hedge TrimmingOur Arborist Direct Glasgow team can provide a range of hedge maintenance services from trimming to pollarding and removal of hedges. This is especially helpful when hedges become very tall and require working at height with dangerous cutting tools.

Annual pruning is important. For instance if beech hedges are left without pruning throughout their life they will grow into trees rather than hedges.

(More information on Glasgow Hedge Maintenance here)

  • Commercial Tree Surgeon Work

commercial tree care

In West or Scotland & Glasgow tree surgeon, arborist and ecological survey work can be carried out for commercial clients. Public buildings, offices and other commercial property that needs a maintenance schedule to keep the property looking great all year. We can provide the required health and safety risk assessments and maintenance schedules required and can work to BS 3998:2010 compliance.

If you have trees on your grounds which need work. We can outline and arrange for ongoing maintenance plans to be carried out on an ongoing basis.

(More information on Glasgow Commercial Tree Surgeon Work here)


  • Emergency Tree Work and Storm Damage
Emergency Tree work for Storm Damaged Trees

Storm Damaged tree and house

In some cases, especially when hit by storms and strong wind, trees can fall or branches can break in dangerous ways.

Storm damage can leave trees and limbs in dangerous positions above buildings or property or can be left blocking roads or pathways. In these cases our tree surgeons can come at short notice to safely remove the trees or branches.

(More information on Glasgow Emergency Tree Work here)


  • Tree Planting
Planting Tree Sapling

Planting a tree sapling

Please enquire about tree planting advice and services. Our arborists will be able to advise you on the best trees to use for the effect you are looking for as well as the suitability or the soil and situation for different species and the correct time of year and methods for planting.

(More information on Glasgow Tree Planting here)



  • Ecological and Wildlife Surveys
Bat Surveys

Environmental Surveys and wildlife surveys including Bat Surveys


Ecological surveys and protection is a particular love and specialty for our team leader Rikky who has carried out bat surveys across Scotland for both private clients and public organizations.

(More information on Glasgow Ecological and Bat Surveys here)



  • Tree Diseases Identified & Treated

Sometimes diseased trees or dangerous trees do need to be felled and removed but in many cases it may be possible to treat or prune the tree to restore its health and preserve its beauty or the surrounding habitat.

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Tree Surgeons in Glasgow Covering Central Scotland

Covering the Greater Glasgow area and beyond our tree surgeons often travel to provide services across Scotland.

Arborist Direct Glasgow are proud to provide you with outstanding local professionals. From the leafy parks and gardens of the West End all the way towards Loch Lomond and the Trossachs in the North and from Baillieston and beyond to the central belt in the East.


Properly Trained and Educated

Local tree care specialists are all trained for the specific tree services they carry out. They have training and qualifications from awarding bodies such as NPTC and hold memberships with professional bodies like the Arboricultural Association.


Fully Insured

Local Provider professional arborists and tree surgeons are covered by the correct public liability and employer’s liability insurances.


Fair Pricing

All tree surgery and tree care work can vary greatly from job to job and individual quotes will be provided  following site visits for each requested job.

Costs depend on the quantity and difficulty of the work and the amount or machinery and people required on site to carry out tasks. West of Scotland and Glasgow tree surgeon costs and high climbing tree pruning or tree trimming costs will nearly always include at least two or three personnel, due to ground site safety, first aid and rescue requirements for this type of work.

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Keeping You Informed of Any Legal Issues

Our professional arborists will aim to advise clients of their responsibilities such as checking for tree preservation orders and wildlife implications. This will help to make sure that the client doesn’t run into any problems by commissioning inappropriate tree work or tree maintenance.


What To Do If You Have Bats In Your Trees

Some protected animal species such as bats build their homes in trees and we can provide the necessary wildlife surveys required prior to any tree work.

In 2017 some of our  glasgow tree surgeons Glasgow arborists have been involved in climbing and surveying over 2000 trees for bats for the national transport agency for Scotland. That’s a lot of climbing to keep our little furry friends safe!

(More information on Glasgow Bat Surveys here)


Arborist Direct Glasgow Cares for the Environment

Whether they are a Glasgow tree surgeon or an arborist our staff work in this industry because of a love for the environment and the trees that make up an important part of it.

From the health of the trees and the plant life surrounding them, to the wildlife living in and amongst the trees, each is an integral part of the environment we love, work and live with.


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